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Jared Ailstock

Jared Ailstock stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of aviation investment, boasting an illustrious career that marries astute business acumen with a steadfast commitment to social impact. As the Managing Partner of AIP Capital, Jared orchestrates strategic investments that propel the aviation sector toward unprecedented heights. His visionary leadership, underscored by a tenure commencing in January 2023, has been pivotal in steering AIP Capital to become a beacon of innovation and excellence within the industry.
Beyond the boardroom, Jared Ailstock’s influence extends to global philanthropy and community development. His roles on the Board of Directors for Dreamstone Partners and the Children’s Medical Research Foundation (USA) underscore his dedication to fostering positive change across diverse landscapes. At Dreamstone Partners, since May 2023, Jared’s strategic insights have catalyzed initiatives aimed at bridging cultures and empowering communities through education and technology. Similarly, his engagement with the Children’s Medical Research Foundation since January 2022 amplifies his commitment to advancing pediatric medical research, embodying a compassionate drive to uplift the vulnerable.

Jared Ailstock
Jared Ailstock

Jared’s journey into the echelons of leadership was catalyzed by his pivotal role at Voyager Aviation, where, as Head of Business Development until September 2022, he led transformative strategies that expanded the company’s global footprint. His tenure at Castlelake and Goldman Sachs further exemplifies a trailblazing career defined by innovative financial solutions and a keen sense of market dynamics.

Educated at the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Jared Ailstock’s foundational academic experience laid the groundwork for a career characterized by strategic foresight, ethical leadership, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. His narrative is not just one of professional triumph but also a testament to the power of integrating business success with a profound sense of social responsibility.

Jared Ailstock’s personal and foundation websites serve as platforms to further his impact, offering insights into the intersection of aviation investment and philanthropy. Through his leadership, Jared Ailstock continues to shape the future of aviation while championing initiatives that foster societal growth and well-being.